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  • Collaborative effort (1996 - 1999) to bring together 10,000 individuals and organizations in the Hague, Netherlands, which launched 12 campaigns worldwide to foster nonviolent alternatives to war
  • Established a website that provides
    • peace education curricula, translations of curricula in various languages
    • channel of communication for international network
  • Increased partnerships to disseminate information and resources to over 15,000 people
  • Published teacher training manuals including
    • Learning to Abolish War: Teaching toward a culture of peace
    • Peace Lessons from Around the World
    • Peace and Disarmament Education: Changing Mindsets in Niger, Albania, Peru and Cambodia
  • Annual Conferences with international peace educators (2004 was held in Tirana, Albania)
  • Partnered with Ministries of Education in Africa, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and South America
  • Formed a unique partnership project with the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs to integrate disarmament and peace education programs in both formal and nonformal settings of Albania, Cambodia, Niger and Peru which have been adopted by each of their Ministries of Education
  • Conducted over 200 workshops and presentations in classrooms, communities, national and international fora.