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People who Endorsed the Conference
l fully endorse the goals of the Hague Appeal for Peace, that is to strengthen international human rights and humanitarian law and institutions; to prevent, resolve and transform violent conflict; to link and develop substantive issues in disarmament, including nuclear abolition; and to create a culture of peace and alleviate the root causes of war.
-The Dalai Lama
Our methods for promoting peace must adapt to these changing times......That is why the Hague Appeal for Peace conference was so important, and why its focus in the New Diplomacy in the coming years showed such foresight. On behalf of the United Nations, I thank the Hague Appeal for Peace conference and all its Participants for helping pave the way for our new and global partnership.
-Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations
I congratulate the organizers of this timely and important meeting. It is heartening that people from so many parts if the world have come together to make a global appeal for peace.
- Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States
As the Chairman of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, I would like to convey the Movement's support for the Citizens' Peace Conference, (Hague Appeal for Peace Conference) as an initiative that will help promote world peace and development.
- Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa
I would like to emphasize that we are very excited about this conference. It will surely help us in our advocacy and networking for peace!
- Anisia K. Achieng, Coordinator of the Sudanese Women's Voice for Peace. Nairobi, Kenya
I am honored that you have invited me to become a member of the Honorary Committee of the Citizens' Third Hague Peace conference to be held in May 1999 and for what it is worth I am happy to accept. Much love and God's blessing.
- Archbishop Desmond Tutu
We are pleased to have been given such a noble opportunity to support and actively involve ourselves by all means in this important event. The theme of the conference Delegitimizing War-Leaving War Behind is most appropriate and we are convinced it will contribute to global peace in the following century.
- Prof. Dr. Edi Shukriu. President of the Women's Forum of LDK. Prishtina, Kosovo
We fully endorse and support the convening of the Hague Appeal for Peace 1999. One hundred years ago, the first international Hague Peace Conference made contributions to the development of international law, and saw to the establishment of institutions designed to build lasting world peace...on behalf of the city council of the Hague , I welcome the opportunity to support the convening of the citizens conference of the Hague Appeal for Peace 1999. It is both timely and necessary to end this century on a note of non-violence.
- W.J. Deetman, Mayor of the Hague
If we are really to develop any further as human beings then we must now declare war on the causes of this disempowerment: poverty and the lack of democracy in our world. This gathering is a bold step in that direction.
- Graca Machel, First Lady of South Africa, Founder, Foundation for Community Development, Mozambique
Do people really want to go to war? Certainly not! So, the question becomes: how does one stop wars and build peace? Strengthening international law and institutions, disarmament, peace-keeping, conflict prevention, arms regulation, peace education, the wish of political leaders to build peace and the culture of peace are some of the keys which need to be developed by each and every citizen of the world. I fully endorse your idea to carry out such an important gathering and shall be participating in it.
- Lukman Haran, Secretary General of the Indonesian Committee on Religion and Peace. Jakarta, Indonesia