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Where did the conference take place?

On May 18, 1899; 108 delegates from 26 countries gathered in The Hague's beautiful Huis den Bosch in response to an invitation issued the previous August by Nicholas II, the young Czar of Russia, to hold an international conference to discuss ways of halting the arms race.

In May of 1999, on the centenary of the First Hague Peace Conference, many more delegates from many more countries gathered in The Hague's Congress Center in response to an appeal launched by the International Peace Bureau (IPB), the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA), and the World Federalist Movement (WFM); an effort already supported by hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals throughout the world.

The project was led by an Organizing Committee made up of roughly 30 international organizations. The purpose of The Hague Appeal for Peace 1999 was more ambitious than the Czar's: It is to raise in a serious and realistic way, questions as to whether or not at the end of the bloodiest century in history, "can humanity find a way to solve its problems without resorting to arms, and is war still necessary or legitimate given the nature of weapons currently in arsenals and on drawing boards worldwide, and can civilization survive another major war?"