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Dear Hague Appealers,

We have recently concluded a successful conference in Tirana, Albania where a group of educators came together with representatives of ministries of education and issued a Tirana Call for Peace Education, which follows. We hope you will circulate this to your colleagues and post it.

The diversity of conferees was terrific. We had remarkable young people who will clearly be part of the leadership wherever they are in the future; we had governmental and non governmental people, we had the UN represented, women and men, north and south, every continent was represented, the best formal and non formal educators, and terrific organizers. We brought together the people who have been with the Global Campaign for Peace Education with new people, and with the four partners from our unique partnership with the UN Department for Disarmament Affairs. Now we have new friends to continue to work with the programs in Cambodia, Peru, Niger and Albania so they can be sustained with professional resources.

Also please find speeches delivered by Under- Secretary General Anwarul Chowdhury, Michael Cassandra of the UN DDA, greetings from Prof. Betty Reardon, a list of participants and a message from me.

Thank you for your continued interest in the work of the Hague Appeal for Peace and for your own controibution to peace in this world, which is now of even increasing importance.

'Cora Weiss, President
October 2004

 The Tirana Call for Peace Education
 Welcome Speech by Anwarul Chowdhury
 Opening Address by Cora Weiss
 Greetings by Betty Reardon
 Statement by Michael Cassandra
 List of Participants
 Full Report