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New York office

The New York office coordinates the overall functioning of the GCPE:

  • Develop Peace Education curriculum and resources
  • Liaison between the members of our network (IAC), partners, organizations and individuals to exchange knowledge, experience and resources
  • Peace Education teacher trainings
  • Peace Education Workshops in schools, universities, communities, organizations, and at the United Nations in the New York/Greater Area
  • Leading peace and disarmament education panels and workshops at DPI/NGO annual conferences, UN conference on Small Arms (2001) and Commission on the Status of Women.
  • Disseminate information and resources to the local, regional and international communities
  • Partnership building
  • Organize annual conferences with international peace educators to share ideas, evaluate and develop programs of action

The International Advisory Committee

  • Regular communication via email and annual meetings
  • Collaboration on Conference planning with the New York office
  • Assisting in the development, editing and evaluation of educational materials, resources and publications
  • Exchange resources and contacts to support, consult, train and build networks for peace education
  • Active advocacy for the inclusion of peace education into local and national systems of education
  • Advocacy for the inclusion of concrete educational provisions within any peace agreements