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Terms of Reference

From October 20-24, 2004, 16 of the 24 members of the International Advisory Committee (IAC) were able to attend the Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP) conference in Tirana, Albania. Materials for our review had been prepared by Global Campaign for Peace Education’s (GCPE) Program Director, Kathleen Tordini. These included a brief statement about the IAC’s terms of reference.

We met on three occasions and it was clear that revision was necessary concerning our role in GCPE, notably that GCPE “is directed by an International Advisory Committee.” In order to resolve this concern, Phil Thomas produced a draft proposal which was considered during the final session. The committee heard the proposal, discussed and agreed to review this proposal which met with general approval. It must however be emphasized that since it was written just before the session began, committee members were only able to discuss an oral version of the proposal. After circulation of the proposal more detailed consideration of all IAC members, the following revised draft has been developed.

IAC Terms of Reference:

  1. Membership
    Membership of the IAC consists of invited peace education advocates and activists with proven success in their own fields. The Committee is chosen to ensure a balance of nationalities, languages, regions, age and gender. Upon membership, they are expected to support and endorse the goals of the GCPE as outlined in the Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice in the 21st Century and the Campaign's brochure.
  2. The Role of IAC Membership
    • As individual members they may:
      • Promote the GCPE in other arenas where appropriate
      • Represent the campaign at such opportunities as seminars, meetings, speaking engagements, and forums organized by Educational and Cultural Ministries
      • Contribute articles on the work and achievements of the Campaign to relevant professional journals, educational publications and newspapers
      • Support the GCPE Program Director within the areas of their own competencies
      • May monitor the translation of GCPE materials in their mother tongues
      • Contribute to the monthly e-newsletter and the interactive website
      • Adopt a partner of the UN DDA/ HAP partnership for continued and mutual professional guidance
    • As members of the Committee they may:
      • Collectively advise and offer ideas on Campaign matters
      • Provide GCPE with advice on the materials it produces i.e., peace education teacher training manuals
      • Reviews Campaign objectives every two years
      • Contribute to the planning of Campaign conferences
      • Act as evaluators or suggest external evaluators of the effectiveness of the Campaign's strategies and actions
      • Support and contribute to the network of GCPE activists under the guidance of the Campaign's Director
      • Learn from the rich experiences of their fellow IAC members
  3. Organization
    • IAC members may suggest more members as the Committee agrees necessary
    • It meets annually, but periodically interacts via email and telephone conferences
    • Its work is facilitated by a Steering Committee including the Campaign Director to formulate and monitor the two year campaign schedule. This Steering Committee is selected by the IAC for a two year term of office. Its members should reflect the IAC’s regional and gender diversity. The Steering Committee elects its own Chairperson(s). The Chairperson(s) represents the IAC as an ex officio member of the HAP Board of Directors.

These Terms of Reference are adopted as of November 19, 2004.